entry: help me out, here. 4/21/2004


dayna b
April 23, 2004   11:30 PM PDT
cigarettes & chocolate milk by rufus wainwright. fan-tab-u-lous
April 22, 2004   06:08 PM PDT
1.. "The Hymn for Cigaretes" - Hefner
2&3. "Drivin' on 9" & "Cannonball" - the Breeders (you must dance up and down the hallway for the first and jump on the bed for the second)
4. "One of these Days" - Camper Van Beethoven
April 22, 2004   01:43 PM PDT
cake "going the distance"
metallica "hero of the day"
survivor "eye of the tiger" (mock me, mock me, i know)
"headstrong" trapt
"amazing grace" dropkick murphys
"get over it" ok go
"rockstar" everclear

so, maybe i should stop and just go make myself a disc...
April 22, 2004   09:55 AM PDT
athlete's "we got the style" and anything by they might be giants, but specifically "birdhouse in your soul". cake's "daria". and while it's slightly overdone at this point, outkast's "hey ya".
April 22, 2004   08:58 AM PDT
Mother, I Just Can't Get Enough - Nu Radicals

Pop Singer's Fear Of The Pollen Count - The Divine Comedy

Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind

There are so many more. I have a funny feeling this is a multiple-comment box.
April 22, 2004   04:44 AM PDT
Cookie Day - Shonen Knife
Get me away from here I'm dying - Belle and Sebatian
Come Out Tonight - Kenickie
And pretty much any song that allows you to join in on the handclaps.
April 22, 2004   01:11 AM PDT
If i start suggesting things, i'll just end up making my own mix cd... which oddly enough, I have been thinking about a bit. so um, yeah. sorry shiv... but i suppose you could twist my arm. my mix is gonna be a little different.
April 21, 2004   03:35 PM PDT
That's funny; I've been mentally compiling a similar mix. Although I want to do half upbeat and half melancholy and call it the Manic Depressive Mix. Anyway, on the first end of things, I've been thinking:

"Caligula" - Macy Gray"
"Danger High Voltage" - Electric Six
"Rocket from a Bottle" - XTC
"Rubberband Girl" - Kate Bush
"Get Down Tonight" - KC & the Sunshine Band

April 21, 2004   03:27 PM PDT
gddamn right it's a beautiful day -- eels/party hard -- andrew wk/dry the rain -- beta band/you couldn't have come at a better time (that L guy)
April 21, 2004   03:25 PM PDT
"Good" by Pizzicato Five
April 21, 2004   02:30 PM PDT
Dance Hall Crashers - The Truth About Me

(though I would imagine it doesn't work as well on the taking over the world front if you're not single)
bond girl
April 21, 2004   12:57 PM PDT
I am prepared to be mocked, but I love this song:
Leaving Town, Dexter Freebish

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