entry: caption me. 4/16/2004


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April 17, 2004   11:03 AM PDT
waiting for the schwann's truck to make the secret root beer float popsicle drop, and feeling frustrated by the re-decorated blue bunny truck that seemed intent on thwarting their ice cream escapade plans, erma and freddy debated the merits of paper or plastic, eventually deciding that because their greasy pork chops did not spell doom for their plastic bag, as it did the paper one, plastic must be better.
April 16, 2004   07:33 PM PDT
The bunny is always watching you. In your home, at your office, even on the street corner. You cannot escape the bunny.
April 16, 2004   02:39 PM PDT
ah, the joy is not in the succeeding, but in the trying!
April 16, 2004   02:22 PM PDT
you expect someone to top that?
April 16, 2004   11:05 AM PDT
As the two members of the infamous Silly Hat Gang of South Jersey pondered over their latest plunder of domino shaped cheese and edible marbles, the bunny lovin bread co. delivery van weaseled in to place. Little did our Robin Hooding heros know that their quick sit down and ponder over dirt cheap pork chops and bag soda might just be their last.

Stay tuned...

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