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shivery is terribly fond of:
bluegrass music. double basses. the flatiron building. marion's. paris. the color pink. cherry motifs. alias. good scotch. garter belts. combat boots. full skirts. the q train.

shivery has a distate for:
flying. spiders. express trains during rushhour. crowds. pretension. standard transmissions. hipsters. weekend service on the mta. fresno. men who grope (without express permission). the decline of democracy. gin in winter. liver. the horoscopes in the new york post. williamsburg. ralph nader's presidential campaign.

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50 things (truth)

okay. you knew it was inevitable. but it's time to lay it out and jump on the "100 things..." line. because god knows, i am far more interesting when broken down into line items.

so, without further ado, i present to you 100 things about shivery.

to start, shivery looks like this:

1. shivery is, for all intents and purposes, a professional redhead.
2. shivery is an aspiring rockstar.
3. if shivery were a comic book character, she'd be shelley from scarygoround.
4. in a few short months, shivery is actually going to BE a comic book character. no lie.
5. shivery's previous incarnations include: punk rocker, opera singer, kept woman, ballerina, cheerleader, hockey player, anorexic, equestrienne, goth, choir girl, tenor sax virtuoso.
6. shivery has a penchant for black boots.
7. shivery smokes american spirit lights.
8. shivery is bound and determined to learn how to fight with a quarterstaff before she dies. but a broadsword will work, too.
9. shivery is waiting for her EU passport to be processed by the UK government.
10. shivery has been evacuated from the island of manhattan.
11. shivery hates midtown.
12. shivery's current obsessions include: alias, banjos, argyle, distortion pedals, winter squash, firewire cards and the swiss cross.
13. shivery has blue eyes, but wishes they were green.
14. shivery has lived in texas, pennsylvania, california, canada and england.
15. shivery prefers jfk to laguardia, mainly because of the space-age pavilion.
16. shivery is easily startled but not easily scared.
17. in the last year, shivery has been publicly groped, molested in an elevator, talked dirty to at a party, been stood up, fallen in love and had her heart broken.
17a. as such, she's seriously considering joining the local chapter of the junior anti-sex league. at least until the end of the year.
18. shivery loves red wine and jack daniels. (though not in the same glass)
19. shivery's favorite song lyric of the day is: "because you're mistletoe; because i gamble; because i told you so; my eyes are scrambled." --astronaut, luna.
20. shivery makes pretty damn good risotto. (and will make it for you, if you ask nicely)
21. shivery owns four guitars: the beater, the show pony, the gift and the electric-in-exile.
22. shivery loves the smell of bonfires.
23. shivery does not eat red meat, though not for any ideological reason.
24. shivery is terribly fond of words that begin with the letter 'a.'
25. shivery's very favorite word may be 'asphyxiate,' because it forces you to use every part of your mouth.
26. shivery loves traveling by train.
27. if shivery were stranded on a desert island, she would bring the following five foods with her: cheese. apple cider. fresh pineapple. spicy tuna roll. avocado.
28. shivery bakes for smokers.
29. shivery loves her orange microwave.
30. shivery is a sucker for a scottish accent.
31. shivery is very surprised to realize that she is no longer quite so prone to fits of self-loathing, a hallmark of her previous 23 years.
32. shivery's heart will always belong to agent cooper.
33. shivery has only shot a gun once in her life; it was a shotgun, and it literally knocked her on her ass.
34. shivery can be a bit of a hypochondriac.
35. shivery is very protective of her affections, but once you have them you've got them for life.
36. shivery is terribly fond of art nouveau.
37. shivery has no tattoos. yet.
38. shivery thinks the whitney is overrated, but could spend the rest of her life in the V&A or the musee d'orsay.
39. shivery's apartment is mostly furnished with items she's found on the street.
40. shivery keeps her cigarettes in a lacquered box that she made herself.
41. shivery has always wanted someone to call her kitten.
42. shivery has a scar on her left arm the size of a cigarette burn. it's not from a cigarette, mind you.
43. shivery is dying to travel to: vienna, berlin, tokyo, shanghai, morocco, madrid, new orleans, brussels. in no particular order.
44. shivery loves tetris a little too much.
45. shivery's bags and pockets are all full of slips of paper upon which she's written song lyrics (her own and others'), because she likes carrying scraps of beautiful language with her.
46. when shivery grows up, she wants to be a cross between sydney bristow, lorelai gilmore and agent scully.
47. shivery's idea of decor is magazine pages and postcards (but it's all terribly tasteful, we promise)
48. shivery's favorite meal of the day is brunch.
49. shivery picks curious pet names: ninja, monkey, biscuit, sugarpop, honeyplum, noodle.
50. shivery just wants to be your friendly neighborhood troubador.
51. shivery tends to get cold easily.
52. shivery is not nearly as tough as she looks.
53. shivery was very suprised to find out that she has a heart-shaped face.
54. shivery has more argyle socks than any one girl has a right to.
55. shivery is deeply distressed by the sounds of joints (such as necks) cracking.
56. shivery is not terribly fond of spiders. but she likes snakes.
57. shivery was once on a plane that got hit by lightning. flying's not held quite the same appeal for her since.
58. shivery's natural hair color is mouse brown.
59. shivery wishes that american subscriptions to Q magazine were not roughly equivalent in cost to a kidney.
60. shivery has an unhealthy fascination with the arms and armory room at the metropolitan museum of art.
61. shivery is terribly fond of mah-jongg.
62. shivery is also terribly fond of t.s. eliot's 'the wasteland.'
63. shivery suspects that if she were a fruit, she'd be a persimmon.
64. shivery has an appreciation for sideburns that borders on a fetish.
65. shivery's guilty pleasures include: kielhl's black raspberry lip balm, internet window shopping, mint chocolate cookie ice cream, m.a.c. lip glosses and shameless flirting.
66. shivery's wondertwin is roos.
67. shivery doesn't drink enough water.
68. shivery's greatest fear is abandonment.
69. shivery's head is both massive and flat.
70. shivery likes her passport photo, though her driver's license makes her look like a lipless gothette.
71. shivery is frequently tempted to cut off all her hair.
72. shivery's favorite authors include: tom robbins, john irving, philip pullman, michael marshall smith and barry williams (that's right. greg brady)
73. shivery is terribly paranoid about burning down her apartment.
74. shivery loves bad teen movies.
75. shivery would like to learn how to arc weld and play the violin.
76. shivery is fond of both boxing and kickboxing.
77. shivery has an unhealthy fascination with britney spears.
78. shivery aspires to smell like baked goods at all times.
79. shivery is not terribly fond of tea, despite eighteen months in england.
80. shivery believes that showers that wouldn't boil a lobster simply weren't warm enough.
81. shivery really likes the phrases "crash hot" and "whizz bang"
82. shivery has the most useless college degree in the world.
83. shivery frequently has trouble letting go.
84. shivery keeps meaning to make a pilgrimage up to the gotham book mart to see their shrine to edward gorey. she's been meaning to do this since she was about fourteen.
85. shivery used to be a musical theatre girl. and then she realized that she didn't always get along so well with actors.
86. shivery loves her ipod.
87. shivery thinks that german is the sexiest language there is. followed closely by russian. and then french.
88. shivery does not have a favorite color, though she does wear a lot of black.
89. at the ripe old age of 23, shivery has made peace with both her name and her looks.
90. shivery finds herself having trouble concentrating rather frequently.
91. one of shivery's great aspirations in life is to learn to cook a fabulous thai curry.
92. shivery studied piano for 11 years and saxophone for six. she now has no actual concept of music theory and the only instrument she can play is the one she taught herself: the guitar.
93. although, she is quite adept at using her hand as an ocarina.
94. shivery loathes pretention and condescension.
95. and yet, she is a terrible snob about some things.
96. shivery is a walking contradiction.
97. shivery misses subway tokens.
98. shivery has been a dedicated wearer of combat boots since the age of 9.
99. shivery does not really look like any celebrity.
100.shivery is a million different people from one day to the next.

writ at 6/4/2003 2:48:05 pm by shivery
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